Everyone has different quality standards, but I will try to get most of the articles here to adhere to a certain standard I see fit. I will describe this standard and why I believe it is good.

Infoboxes, Images

A lot of articles don't look very appealing. They have content and links, but the images that make articles appealing are missing. Another great feature for this is Infoboxes. I will try to update the Infobox templates, though I am not very good at working with templates. I will try to create infoboxes for characters, events and various other categories and then integrate them into the articles. Please use them! CommunityCentral should have some help pages on how to use them.

References, Links

Its great that a lot of articles are amazingly cited! However, the citations don't look pretty if they're in the middle of the text. The visual editor has a nice feature, in which one can add in references and then make a list of those references at the bottom. Its kind of like how Wikipedia cites their articles. For examples, see Jhil. I like links and one should include a lot of them. I don't think a page should link to the same page multiple times.


People here are great about categories! I believe there is no single article that isn't in a category. However, I will work on creating meta-categories that combine these categories, so that one can access all articles indirectly from Category:Browse, to create a sort of category hierarchy that contains all content.

Names and Number of Articles

On the subject of Names and Number of Articles, the following is my position. I believe every character should have their own article, as long as they have their own name. Personally I am not a fan of pages for characters that are never named, but I guess that's fine. With everything else I sometimes prefer less pages to more pages, with for example different types of weapons/planes being described on one page rather than on multiple. The reason for this is that users are more likely to search for a specific character and less likely to search for a nameless character. They usually prefer reading all about weapons (that really aren't that important for the story itself) on one page, rather than navigating links for each type.

Thanks for reading! DorûAreaba 20:07, January 24, 2016 (UTC)

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