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  • DorûAreaba


    February 22, 2016 by DorûAreaba

    Deletion shouldn't be overused. For obvious reasons. I have deleted 25 pages in the last month and will likely delete more in the next. We might even sink under 200 pages. Why do I do this? Because instead of quantity, we want quality. No one is ever going to look up Kushana's pistol, but when they read an interesting article about Kushana, they will be interested to see what kind of pistol she has. What I am doing is merging pages into larger, higher-quality pages and those that aren't being merged, likely don't have a lot of content. Our "Short pages" list was full of pages that basically are nothing more than a title.

    Thanks for the support!


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  • DorûAreaba

    Quality Standards

    January 24, 2016 by DorûAreaba

    Everyone has different quality standards, but I will try to get most of the articles here to adhere to a certain standard I see fit. I will describe this standard and why I believe it is good.

    A lot of articles don't look very appealing. They have content and links, but the images that make articles appealing are missing. Another great feature for this is Infoboxes. I will try to update the Infobox templates, though I am not very good at working with templates. I will try to create infoboxes for characters, events and various other categories and then integrate them into the articles. Please use them! CommunityCentral should have some help pages on how to use them.

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