The Pejitei Brig [1] is a large armed airship. It has two engines on large wings, a wide body and a three-tailfin rudder [2]. The Brig has the Pejitei coat of arms on the side and front, which appears to be a five-branched tree.

Nausicaä and Mito encounter it above the Sea of Corruption while flying the Valley Gunship. It is a refugee ship filled with women and children, fleeing the Torumekian invasion of Pejitei. In order to escape the Torumekians, it was forced to land in the Sea of Corruption, where it was attacked by Landgrubs. When Nausicaä encounters it, it is covered with the insects.

Despite their best efforts, including firing the main guns on the gunship, Nausicaä and Mito watch helplessly as the Brig the crazed insects chewed through the wing, causing it to crash [3]. Everyone on board is killed except Lastelle / Rastel, who dies of her wounds a short time later.

References Edit

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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