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List of Ohmu Shell Weapons, Armor and Equipment

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Multiple forms of Weapons, Armor and Equipment are made from Ohmu shell.

Weapons Edit

Ohmu Shell Sword [1], lighter than ceramics [2]. Nausicaä had such a sword but Kushana destroyed the sword after their first encounter [3].

Ohmu Shell Knife [4] that can cut through ceramic armor "like paper"

Armor Edit

Ohmu Shell Gauntlets [5] are worn by Yupa.

Equipment Edit

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Vehicles Edit

The Valley Gunship has Ohmu-shell armor, much better than ceramic armor, which would have shattered under the intense fire of an Dorok Air Monitor [6].

References Edit

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a See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 1 (DE1) to other editions

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