Heedra [1] are powerful, biologically-engineered warriors (possibly with mechanical additions) from before the Seven Days of Fire.

While not capable of destruction on as vast a scale as the God Warriors, they are far more numerous and easier to maintain.

They resemble an oversize, humanoid cactus, often carrying swords or bludgeoning weapons. Heedra are extremely strong and difficult to kill; they can only be killed by destroying their "core", apparently located in the head just behind the uppermost of their three eyes, or blasting a Heedra into pieces.

The cloned bodies of the Dorok Holy Emperor and the Master of the Garden are also referred to as Heedra, suggesting the name may in fact be a catch-all term for genetically engineered humanoids.

References Edit

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b See Page Conversions Between Editions to convert Deluxe Edition volume 2 (DE2) to other editions

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